Serving with Honesty & Integrity

RML designs, develops, manufactures, and distributes a comprehensive line of tools and products for worldwide oil and gas drilling and production activities. RML features a talented management team where each member brings decades of valuable skills and experience to the table.

We have worked with the world’s most sophisticated businesses on market leading innovations

Technology in the energy sector is consistently evolving. These changes come quickly and can potentially make or break the people and companies they impact. Over the years, we have witnessed this evolution firsthand and felt the impact of these changes. This experience is precisely what led us to start Revelation Management Limited (RML), to ensure that the industry’s leading companies have qualified people to introduce them to and lead them through the next technological advancements in the field.

Our commitment to the environment has allowed us to design industry leading solutions

Oil and gas producers continuously seek opportunities to reduce their environmental footprint and decrease costs while increasing efficiency and safety. RML is focused on bringing cutting-edge, profit enhancing energy solutions to the market. We provide technology that delivers results and unmatched quality service, all with experience and integrity.

Global Team. World class results.

Don Slipchuk

Cheif Executive Officer & President

Prior to his co-founding of RML, Don’s oilfield experience spans an impressive 4 decades.

Mike Wurzer

Chief Financial Officer

Mike maintains a role as CFO for RML and dedicates an increasing amount of time to the operation through different stages of growth.

Evan Mc Glynn

Commercial Director

Evan is focused on meeting the product & service needs of our global customers.

Pete Krawiec

Technical Director

Pete has been involved in the Oil and Gas industry since 1989, when he started out working on drilling rigs and service rigs.

Dustin Blake

Content Advisor

Dustin comes to RML with an impressive history, perfectly suited for the role of Content Advisor for RML.

A Culture Built on Safety

Your profit margins are what keeps you in business. Why have unnecessary expenses?

Our ALII tool is a one of a kind product that eliminates downtime and the potential for workplace accidents.

With more uncertainty in the marketplace, there is less room for lost production.

Stay ahead of the competition with a company that dedicates itself to a more productive industry, a cleaner environment, and a safer workplace.