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RML provides high quality products and innovative technology that will create an advantage for your company.

Artificial Lift Intake Isolation Tool

Artificial Lift Intake Isolation Tool (ALII)​ ​is​ ​a​ ​tubing​ ​isolation​ ​valve​ ​that​ ​provides​ ​positive​ ​well​ ​control before​ ​breaking​ ​wellhead​ ​containment.

RML Surface 2.0 Casing Patch

Casing leaks and damaged completion issues need solutions that can resist harsh environments while maintaining oil and gas production at satisfactory levels.

RML HT Tubing Drain

RML HT Tubing Drain allows you to drain the production tubing prior to POOH, without downhole well pressure affecting the opening pressure.

RML Rod Hanger

The RML Rod Hanger allows a well to be suspended without having to pull the complete rod string out of the hole.

Downhole Tool Sensor

Downhole tool gauges for monitoring/recording temperatures and pressures in a variety of conditions.

Union Air Hammer

The Union Air Hammer is another incredible product that increases safety, improves efficiency, and eliminates expenses.


RML is focused on developing environmentally-friendly solutions for oil extraction.

Our commitment to finding eco-friendly solutions in the oil extraction industry has led us to the development of a suite of products that will reduce the impact on the environment and save your company money.