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A.L.I.I. Tool The​ ​A.L.I.I.​ ​Tool​ ​is​ ​a​ ​tubing​ ​isolation​ ​valve​ ​that​ ​provides​ ​positive​ ​well​ ​control before​ ​breaking​ ​wellhead​ ​containment.​ ​By​ ​design,​ ​the​ ​patented​ ​A.L.I.I.​ ​Tool​ ​is​ ​the only​ ​tubing​ ​isolation​ ​valve​ ​that​ ​utilizes​ ​the​ ​existing​...

Casing Patch

Casing Patch RML is pleased to introduce the new ORI-SS-LSA Casing Patch   Casing leaks and damaged completion issues need solutions that can resist harsh environments while maintaining oil and gas production at satisfactory levels....

RML HT Tubing Drain

RML HT Tubing Drain RML & Oil Rebel Innovations is pleased to introduce the RML-HT-Tubing Drain The RML-HT-Tubing Drain allows you to drain the produc- tion tubing prior to POOH. With the RML-HT-Tubing Drain’s unique...
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ABOUT REVELATION MANAGEMENT Technology in the energy sector is consistently evolving. These changes come quickly, and have the potential to make or break the people and companies that they impact. Over the years we have...


ABOUT THE GAS TECHNOLOGY INSTITUTE GTI as part of its mission is to expand the supply of affordable energy and ensure a safe and reliable energy delivery infrastructure in assisting RML with the deployment of...


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RML designs, develops, manufactures and distributes a comprehensive line of tools and products made for use in worldwide oil and gas drilling and production activities. Each of our products are the highest of quality and feature innovative technology that will create an advantage for your company. A prime example of this is displayed in our foremost tool, the Artificial Lift Intake Isolation (A.L.I.I.). The A.L.I.I. product line allows oil producers to significantly reduce down time and cost associated with well work-overs and intervention. The A.L.I.I. tool also allows oil producers to employ an eco-friendly solution while saving money and increasing production. RML truly provides technology that delivers. We strive to provide unmatched quality products that will benefit our clients.

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Your profit margins are what keeps you in business. Why have unnecessary expenses? Our A.L.I.I. tool is a one of a kind product that eliminates downtime and the potential for workplace accidents. With more uncertainty in the marketplace there is less room for lost production. Stay ahead of the competition with a company that dedicates itself to a more productive industry, a cleaner environment, and a safer workplace.