Union Air Hammer

The Union Air Hammer is another incredible product that increases safety, improves efficiency, and eliminates expenses. Its lightweight, ergonomic design makes it easy to use, and it is the perfect addition to any rig crew interested in increasing productivity.

Product Benefits


  • risk of fall or injury when required to work above ground or floor level
  • chance of sparks from hammering
  • risk of injury to personnel
  • cost to client in material replacement, incident reports & injuries


  • risk of possible shrapnel from hammer heads or unions
  • damage to hammer unions
  • use of a sledgehammer

In Action

This hammer union was tightened over 270 times with the Union Air Hammer. There is little to no damage done to the union. If a sledgehammer had been used instead, the union would have had to be replaced numerous times due to the immense damage that would have occurred.