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Don Slipchuk

Chief Executive Officer / Co-Founder

Don Slipchuk has worked in the oil & gas industry for over four decades.

He has gained vast experience in the drilling and servicing sector of the oil and gas industry. Don has held his own consulting company which carried him across the globe as a key player helping to drive the success of the industries largest and most respected companies including Becfield, Halliburton, Sperry Sun, Computalog, Ensign, Northeastern and RockWell Servicing..

Over the last 40 years, Don has witnessed and participated in the implementation of constantly changing new technology and advancements in the industry, which has allowed him to transform RML into a safer and stronger business.

Don’s straightforward approach, governed by a consistent set of values, has guided RML to a position of great resilience. This enables us to deliver downhole tools that positively affect the environment and increase our clients’ bottom lines.