Downhole Tool Sensor

Downhole tool gauges for monitoring/recording temperatures and pressures in a variety of conditions.  These instruments can be used for single run use, or left in hole and connected to a surface logger for longer durations.

Tough and durable.  Tubing Conveyed Perforating drop bar can be modified and attach the sensor inline. With proper setup, the tool has a high chance of surviving the drop and perforation.

Fault Tolerant Memory Design: The failure of one memory chip or block of memory will not result in the complete loss of a section of data.  The sensor can be set to sample at a fast sample rate, and only store if the pressure has changed by a specified amount or if a set amount of time has passed.  The sensor can be configured to communicate with a surface recorder, allowing for real-time access to data without pulling the tool.

Optional external temperature probe allows for faster data collection.

Product Benefits