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Steam Whistle

Steam Whistle

Steam Whistle
Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage System


Steam Whistle flow control device enhances completion performance and efficiency in steam-assisted gravity drainage (SAGD) operations. With its patent pending flow conditioned directional exit ports, end users experience uniform heating of the zone eliminating turbulence, resulting in less heating loss.


Features and Benefits:

  • A series of axial aligned upstream and downstream ports are conditioned for laminar flow of steam exiting the assembly in the OPEN position.
  • This reduces rat holes in open hole profiles and mitigates the effects of tubing impingement associated with high volumes of particulate matter in
  • As a result, heated zones are longer than
  • Our greater efficiency to extend the heated zone reduces end user operational cost by using less assemblies in the
  • Combined with Boss Completions Ltd Ultra threads, it can maximize the value for the operator.
  • Run into the hole on tubing, a standard OTIS style Shifting Tool (2.813” profile) is used to stroke the sleeve OPEN or
    • End connections can be customized to the customerΖs reƋuirements.
    • The flow control device assembly is a carbon alloy steel to L80 material, elastomers rated to 260°C (500°F) at

17.25 MPa (2500 psi).

  • Ports in the upstream and downstream position can be plugged to keep debris from entering the recess of the assembly. Plugs are simply blown out and degrade with temperature in the
Description Value
OD (Maximum) 5.656 inch
ID (Minimum) 2.815 inch
Length Thru Axis 47.15 inch
Thread Connection (Top) Premium Box
Thread Connection (Bottom) Premium Pin
Yield Strength 80,000 psi
Service Environment Standard
Seal Material Parofluor
Pressure Rating (Steam) 2,500 psi
Temperature Rating (Steam) -40° to 500°F
Burst Pressure (son Mises) 8,150 psi
Collapse Pressure (API) 7,750 psi
Number of Ports 36 (2 y 18 typ)
Shift Tool Size (Type B) 2.813

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