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Our Team

Our Team



RML designs, develops, manufactures, and distributes a comprehensive line of tools and products for use in worldwide oil and gas drilling and production activities. RML features a talented management team where each member brings decades of valuable skills and experience to the table. With a commitment to providing tools that increase productivity and profitability it is essential to have in-depth knowledge of the changing business of the oil and gas industry to deal with the challenges of the modern marketplace. RML puts forward a management team that is second to none in their combined effort to make business safer and more profitable for their clients.


Don Slipchuk


Don Slipchuk is CEO/President and Co-founder of RML.

Prior to his co-founding of RML, Don’s oilfield experience spans an impressive 4 decades.

He has gained vast experience in the drilling and servicing sector of the oil and gas industry. Don has held his own consulting company which carried him across the globe as a key player helping to drive the success of the industries largest and most respected companies including Becfield, Halliburton, Sperry Sun, Computalog, Ensign, Northeastern and RockWell Servicing..

Over the last 40 years Don has witnessed and been a part of the implementation of constantly changing new technology and advancements in the industry, which has allowed him to transform RML into a safer and stronger business.

Don’s straightforward approach, governed by a consistent set of values, has guided RML to a position of great resilience, enabling us to deliver downhole tools which positively affect the environment and increase our client’s bottom line.

Michael Wurzer

Chief Financial Officer

Mike Wurzer received his Chartered Accountant designation in 2009. Mike gained experience in finance being the Treasury Manager for Total E&P Canada in Calgary. Subsequently, Mike continued his career in public practice from 2011 to 2013 at an accounting firm in Bonnyville.

Opportunities in the oil industry led Mike to be the CFO and Operations Manager for a mid-size Boom Truck and Crane operation with approximately 80 pieces of equipment and over 100 employees to oversee. Mike was in this role prior to an acquisition for 2 years and gained ample large corporation experience post acquisition for 1 year.

Since 2014, Mike has lead Matrix Corporate Finance in completing Oilfield Service company financings, mergers, divestitures, and acquisitions. Mike has been a contract CFO for various Oilfield Service companies in trucking, maintenance, pipefitting, welding, and distribution.

Mike maintains a role as CFO for RML and dedicates an increasing amount of time to the operation through different stages of growth.


Evan Mc Glynn

Director, Commercial

Evan has spent the last 20 years building a successful career in the oil and gas sector. Evan accomplished this by servicing the needs of oilfield service providers in international markets.

His experience has been rewarded with executive positions in blue chip companies such as Schlumberger and NOV. Evan’s vast range of experience and knowledge has carried him to the Middle East where he is recognized in the highest regard, holding senior positions in multiple companies, with his predominant responsibilities being in the areas of commercial & business strategy.

Currently based in Dubai as CEO for BORG Middle East, Evan is focused on meeting the product and service needs of RML customers in the Eastern Hemisphere.


Pete Krawiec

Director, Technical

Pete Krawiec is the Technical Director for RML.  Pete has been involved in the Oil and Gas industry since 1989 where he started out working on drilling rigs and service rigs. In 1997 Pete joined Site Oil Tools as a field supervisor servicing production wells in the Oil and Gas industry.

Shortly thereafter Site Oil Tools was purchased by Schlumberger at which time He was promoted and served as station manager for Schlumberger Completions in Northeast Alberta. During his tenure as station manager he was involved in numerous aspects of client requirements in the production side of the Oil and Gas industry. Pete also served as station manager for Schlumberger Multi-Lateral Systems overseas division. During that time he was involved in resolving numerous difficult and technical challenges for their clients. While employed at Schlumberger he was associated with several patent designs as a co-inventor.
Since 2008 Pete has been an independent consultant to the well servicing division at ExxonMobil. Today he is still employed at ExxonMobil and specializes on the production side of their heavy oil thermal project.


Dustin Blake

Content Advisor

Dustin comes to RML with an impressive history, which is perfectly suited for the role of Content Advisor for RML.

Dustin has been involved in the oil and gas industry for 11 years with positions ranging from hotshot driver to service provider with some of the most recognized companies in the industry.

While he continues to be involved in the oilfield as a business owner he also holds a BEd as well as a BPE and enjoys sharing his extensive knowledge as an educator. He carries with him an exceptional set of interpersonal skills allowing him to successfully lead field presentations, professional development sessions, company workshops as well as video/print content and editing.

This diverse mix of oilfield, media, and education combined with his professional acumen makes Dustin the ideal Content Advisor for RML.