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About Us

About Us


Technology in the energy sector is consistently evolving. These changes come quickly, and have the potential to make or break the people and companies that they impact. Over the years we have witnessed this evolution firsthand, and have felt the impacts of these changes. This experience is precisely what led us to start Revelation Management Limited (RML), to ensure that the industry’s leading companies have qualified people to introduce them to and lead them through the next technological advancements in the field.

Oil and gas producers are continuously looking for opportunities to reduce their environmental footprint and decrease costs, while increasing efficiency and safety. RML is focused on bringing cutting-edge, profit enhancing, energy solutions to the market. Our primary product is the patented Artificial Lift Intake Isolation Tool (A.L.I.I.). The A.L.I.I. tool is truly a one of a kind, eco-friendly, revolutionary innovation that enables oil and gas operators to obtain positive well control prior to breaking wellhead containment. We also have several other products that feature groundbreaking, game-changing technology, and we are constantly on the lookout for the next amazing product. With our comprehensive line of tools and products for use in the oil & gas industry, we are confident that RML will be a benefit to your company. We provide technology that delivers results, unmatched quality service, all with experience and integrity.  

RML is headquartered in Bonnyville, Alberta, Canada, with contacts and connections worldwide.