Increase your oil production by reducing your down time, environmental footprint, and expenses. A one-of-a-kind solution that will greatly benefit any oil producer. The only tool in the market that will allow oil producers to isolate the tubing before surfacing a Rod Pump, eliminating the need to “kill the well.”

A.L.I.I. - PT


Our latest innovation, the A.L.I.I. – PT, will ensure safety on your next Insert Rod Pump change, allowing producers to run dip tubes or gas anchors as required, with no flow restrictions or changes to client’s present downhole production tubing schematics.

RML Rod Hanger

The RML Rod Hanger allows you to easily suspend a well without having to pull the complete rod string out of the hole.

Full Flo Pigging Solutions


Full Flo Pigging Solutions are derived from the knowledge that all pipelines have distinct qualities and characteristics requiring custom solutions. Our line of pigging products is designed with your needs in mind. They have superior sealing and scraping properties to help ensure the integrity of pipelines while optimizing their flow rates, leading to maximum efficiency. Our broad spectrum of pigging products includes urethane pigs, line bore pigs, multi-line pigs, and BVA style pigs. We also offer custom fabrication, pig design services, pig tracking equipment, line inspection and repair, installation support, GPS services and 24-hour customer support.

Casing Patch


Casing leaks and damaged completion issues need solutions that can resist harsh environments while maintaining oil and gas production at satisfactory levels. Now casing integrity can be restored with this new and innovative product without the possibility of prematurely setting the seal during installation regardless of well conditions.


Union Air Hammer


The Union Air Hammer offers a safer and more effective way to break hammer unions. This tool works quickly to remove the union without causing any damage.